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Neurodiversity Helps You Understand The Atypical Ways People Think

Neurodiversity is a concept that regards individuals with differences in brain function and behavioral traits as part of normal variation in the human population.The Neurodiversity project is about uncovering the strengths of neurodiverse individuals and utilizing their talents to increase innovation and productivity of the society as a whole.

People with conditions such ADHD and ASD have different brains,

so they think in different ways.

Neurodivergent kids have atypical ways of navigating the world,

but that’s part of what makes them special.

How to navigate atypical behaviors in public

How to advocate for more resources in society

Neurodiversity is important to embrace at home, school, and in workplaces.

Establish a culture that treasures the strengths of neurodiverse individual
Empower neurodiverse individuals to build their identity and enhance their long-term skills of daily living throughout the lifespan
Attract talented neurodiverse individuals to study and work
Train talented individuals to work with the neurodiverse population
Maximize the potential of neurodiversity

SuperX Neurodiversity Project’s AASS Program aims to maximize the potential of individuals on the autism spectrum by encouraging them to utilize their strengths and interests and facilitating the connection with families who embrace the value of neurodiversity.