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Our services are empowered by leveraging a powerful technology ecosystem and deploying a broad range of data-driven digital solutions with a solid value-centric innovation approach, capable of meeting almost every challenge organizations can face.

AI Factory

We lead AI innovation with superior technology platforms and our (AI)² Lab.

We have unrivaled expertise in:

AI Analytics: Generate actionable insight from text or audio and video
AI Library: Category algorithms models
AI IOT: Users experience enhancement
AI Automated support: Your exclusive technology platform

Data Platform Cloud Center

We offer End-to-end and Continuity Data-Tech Solution.

Leveraging all types of data across organizations to improve efficiency and create value.

Data Tech

  • Private Data Center
  • Digital Ecosystem Building
  • Data Infrastructure Set-up
  • Data Assets Development/Optimization
  • Platforms Choice and Deployment

 Data Science

  • Analytics-on-Demand
  • Algorithmic Segmentation
  • Predictive Modelling
  • AI-powered Dynamic Content
  • AI-powered Recommend Engine

Data for Operation

  • Data Driven Solutions
  • Data Insight-Deep Dive
  • Organization Digitalization & Process set-up
  • Dashboarding & Automation
  • Training/Workshops/Coaching

Digital Activation

We help drive digital activation through the power of Data and AI.

Manage all digital channels and various data as an interconnected system #GinkGo, mix technology, science and creativity to create the most efficient performance growth.


Digital Assets


Digital Management


Digital Business